Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top 25 Expat Mom Blogs

Circle of Moms (a major player in the on-line Mom world) informed me yesterday that my blog and interview for the “Top 25 Expat Moms” is featured this month. To read the interview, click here. With your votes, my Femme au Foyer blog reached 4th place in the world. I want to thank each person who voted, your support is valued and appreciated.

I’ve been asked several times what the prize was, and here is the answer: the pink button you now see on my sidebar, and flowers from my husband for the top-5 finish! J But mainly, I ‘met’ and learned from other impressive bloggers* and learned how such contests are organized.  I also discovered that I have some hard-core readers who are willing to click away daily to show support. (Thanks dad!)

Thanks again, and I hope that I can continue to earn your interest with future posts!

* One of the things I learned was how to notify readers by e-mail when a new blog is posted.  If interested, you can sign up to receive this email on the right hand sidebar.

Oh, and almost forgot to mention, my blog was also listed as a resource by EasyExpat.com in their article "Expat Kids- A Baby Abroad." It's kind of cool to find my blog "out there"....

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