Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's good to be home!

I was so happy to see Roberts yesterday, I promptly fell asleep. Then, Lauris and I proceeded to sleep until 1pm this afternoon. Now, having regained my senses after the trip home I realize that even though wonderful times were had with family and friends in Michigan and Ohio these last three weeks, I am VERY happy to be home.

My red, white and blue, 4th of July cherry pie
First, it is always harder being sans husband than I imagine. Although there were plenty of babysitters and extra pairs of hands, a second parent to get up with a jetlagged toddler at night is priceless. And the look on Lauris’s face when he saw his father at the airport was one-of-a-kind. I missed my husband, and I am glad to be back within hug range!

Then there are all the smaller things, so numerous I will only name a few. My bed and my pillow. My own kitchen, to leave my dishes unwashed in the sink and Lauris’s half-eaten rice in the fridge. Internet. The construction going on across the street that has Lauris staring out the window at the Kubota backhoe loader for twenty minutes at a time. The weather (currently 65º F or 18º C), a refreshing change after the 100+º F heat index (37º C including humidity) heat wave in Michigan.

It is also a very nice feeling that although I have neglected my blog for a few weeks, my readers have not abandoned me! I’m honored to have been picked as a Bastille Day Edition favorite over at Citrus Lane! And I promise to try very hard to catch up on events that have taken place over the last three weeks, including the wedding we attended in Ohio, and La Fête Nationale (or as we celebrated it in the States, Bastille Day).  But until then, we will settle for this picture of Lauris after picking raspberries with his Kalamazoo grandmother.

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