Friday, August 10, 2018

Major League Fun at TCMU

Parents of baseball fans, you’ve got one month left to experience the “Big League Fun” exhibit at The Children’s Museum of the Upstate GVL! The engaging baseball-focused exhibit explores the science and math behind the sport, while staying true to the sights and sounds we’ve grown up with.

Through role play, trivia and technology the exhibit immerses visitors in the world of major league baseball. My boys immediately head to the batting cage “Batter up!” where they don helmets, grab a bat, and step up to the plate. The screen shows the ball’s trajectory & how many bases a runner could cover with each hit, and keeps track of the swing count. Tip: the sensor in the ball tee can get touchy, so if the screen doesn’t say “swing away” go ahead and give it a jiggle!

We also had fun customizing baseball cards for all three kids – check out the Greenville Drive logo! Or, choose your favorite MLB team...

Parents, take a seat in the bleachers while the kiddos step into the announcer’s booth to give a play-by-play of a clip from a real game, then join them to listen to the broadcast they’ve recorded. Or, become a customer at the ticket booth and concessions stands; your little vendor will enjoy all the fun props.

Older kids will enjoy “Keeping Score” where they can answer trivia, calculate batting averages, and solve physics-themed problems. There’s also a camera and green screen that allow your baseball fan to interview coaches, players and fans, for live game coverage.

Other simulations involve pitching from the pitcher’s mound, throwing from the infield/outfield, and catching fly balls – all from the safety of this carefully curated exhibit. You’ll easily spend an hour exploring Big League Fun, leaving plenty of time to experience the rest of the museum on one of these last hot or rainy days before school starts up... perfect for the parents with kids too little for a Drive game!!!

PS The Greenville Drive have a week of home games coming up next week, from August 15th through 21st for those looking to get to a game. The season is almost over; the last four home games are scheduled Aug. 31 through September 3rd, so don your Drive gear and head to Fluor Field before another season is in the books…

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