Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A first hint of fall at Milliken Arboretum

The Chinese flame tree fruits were aglow in the sunlight at Milliken this week. But don't get any ideas please... 

The approach of autumn is just barely perceptible – a few red and orange leaves on a maple, the sycamores starting to shed, the spindle tree berries popping…

The best way to tell fall is on the way is to crack some pecans for a snack on your hike. We took the long way around the southwest side, making our way to the Flag Fountain and Pond.

The Red Flume Fountain is brightly colored year round, but we like it anyhow. The Great Blue Heron that often perches on the fountain wasn’t in evidence today, but a butterfly flittered by here and there and it was peaceful.

The ‘Green Vase’ Japanese Zelkovas were personally selected by Roger Milliken from a Princeton, NJ nursery. They lead to Allee Water Sculpture encircled by Bracken Brown Beauty Magnolias.

There are a series of fountains and sculptures in the courtyards in front of the main building. Vilis found his favorite to be the fountain with the dancing children, while I preferred the one surrounded by a riot of coleus…

I find it fascinating that you can visit often and still find something new on every trip; seasonal changes transform the campus, but the 600 acres also allow for room to roam. And for those seeking fall color, the wide range of species found on site ensures that autumn is stretched to its limits!

If you would like to read more about the Arboretum, please visit my post Milliken Arboretum.

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  1. Hi Liene
    what a beautiful place and nature around!
    Nice to be here, thanks!



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