Friday, May 12, 2017

Easter in Brooklyn

 “How will the Easter bunny know we’re in New York?”

“Where will the bunny hide the eggs?”

When Easter morning rolled around, the bunny had done its job; plastic eggs had been hidden all around the apartment, and hunting them all down took a good part of the morning. The rabbit also did some research, as the boys’ Easter baskets had a couple of NYC-themed cars and trucks, New York City chocolates, and LEGO keychains

Next we ‘unwrapped’ our onion skin-dyed eggs, colored the traditional Latvian way. The ones dyed in cabbage also came out beautifully.

While sisters worked at setting the Easter table, the boys all ventured out into Brooklyn to do who-knows-what.

They made it back in time to get dressed up and take some serious photos.

The Lieldienu mielasts. Not a laughing matter.

The eggs were brought out again. I call this the photographer – photographed series.

For dessert out came the paska.

Hearts and stomachs full, we had one final adventure waiting for us in New York City before we would have to head home...

The whole gang

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