Friday, August 5, 2016

Kidding Around Greenville!

I am excited to announce that starting today, you will see Femme au Foyer content on the local website Kidding Around Greenville! For quick access to the popular family site, check out the new button on the toolbar on the right. I will continue to blog here at Femme au Foyer about things Greenville & Upstate, as well as on topics such as Latvia, France, and hiking & traveling with children.

Kidding Around Greenville is the Upstate’s premier family website, full of suggestions for children’s activities in our area. With frequent articles on all things kids, a free event calendar, a weekly newsletter, and forums on various social media platforms, KAG is a great resource for parents in Greenville County. In addition to finding a larger audience for some of my posts on hiking opportunities for families located here in the Upstate, I hope to find a new direction for this blog - which has come quite a way from that of an expatriate living in France! (Fun fact, Kidding Around Greenville was started around the same time that Femme au Foyer returned from France and I started blogging about life in the Upstate in 2012!) 

I hope you’ll take a look at my article on the waterfalls of Dupont State Forest that is running today, and feel free to get in touch regarding places and events here in the Upstate you would like too see featured on Kidding Around Greenville. I'm excited about this new chapter, and look forward to further collaboration with KAG.

To read the original article on the waterfalls of Dupont State Forest, click here.
For 31 things to do in Greenville in August, click here.
And stay tuned to Kidding Around Greenville and Femme au Foyer for tons of back-to-school info and autumn activities for the whole family!

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