Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Donut Experiment

The Donut Experiment

January 13, 2016, Greenville, SC
Filed by Femme au Foyer

I.             Problem
A new boutique-style shop is in town

II.            Hypothesis
IF we visit the Donut Experiment THEN we shall have a delicious experience

III.          Materials
a.    Directions to The Donut Experiment, located at 2123 Augusta St. C
b.    Topping and icing checklist, available upon entering the store
c.    Pencil/pen, wallet
d.    An appetite

IV.          Safety Information
a.    Various donut/icing/topping combinations may be TOO delicious to survive the trip home – please plan accordingly
b.    Deciding on flavor combinations while small children are tugging on your pants can be frustrating – sit them down at the small table with the offered donut-themed coloring pages and crayons instead!
c.    Eating while driving can result in not only crumbs, but distracted driving. Femme au Foyer always recommends pulling over in a safe location to eat your donuts

V.           Procedure
a.    Arrive at the Donut Experiment and enter the establishment
b.    Find the 'donut form' and take a look at the menu for daily specials
c.    Select a quantity of donuts, then choose toppings and icings for each
d.    Hand your selection to the employee who will proceed to fill your order right in front of you, dipping each donut into the icing of your choice before covering it in chosen topping
e.    Pay for your purchase, hopefully keeping the box closed until you have reached your chosen destination
f.     Enjoy your personal donut collection!

VI.          Results/Data
     With combinations including caramel icing/sea salt, maple icing/bacon, chocolate icing/peanut butter drizzle, vanilla icing/raspberry drizzle and glaze/M&Ms, everyone got to choose a couple of combinations
     Because of the endless combinations available, we ended cutting most of the donuts into quarters so that we could try multiple combos – encouraging extended snacking
     Think bacon doesn’t belong on a donut? The maple/bacon combination was a favorite served with coffee (which is also available on location)
     The kids preferred the candy toppings: M&Ms, Reese’s, Oreo
     Specialty donuts are available, including key lime, sriracha and a daily special
     With a dozen donuts priced at $13, a dozen designer donuts are only a few dollars more than the typical DD or KK experience – worth it for the experience? You decide…

VII.         Conclusion
The Donut Experiment is a great place to go for a special treat. A nice spot to meet a client for a meeting, meet a few moms for a morning coffee, or to pick up donuts to take to that staff meeting full of co-workers trying to maintain New Year’s Resolutions – we give an enthusiastic thumbs up to TDE. Who knew science could be so satiating!

The Donut Experiment

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  1. Add to conclusion: fun and delicious!

  2. Replies
    1. It's what you make of it - what would you make of a dozen donuts? :)


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