Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On this day in 1918...

On this day in the year 1918 Latvia declared its independence.

This press statement was released by John Kerry (Secretary of State) and can be seen on

On the Occasion of Latvia's National Day

On behalf of President Obama and the citizens of the United States, I congratulate the people of Latvia on the 97th anniversary of your independence on November 18.

Latvia is a strong partner in Europe and on the global stage, and living proof of the enduring power of democracy. Seventy five years ago, following the Soviet occupation of the Baltic States, Acting Secretary of State Sumner Welles declared that the United States would not recognize their incorporation into the Soviet Union. The United States stood by Latvia then, just as we do so now. We are partners on the world stage and NATO Allies committed to mutual defense.

I am confident that the friendship between the Latvian and American peoples will continue to deepen and flourish. The American people wish you the best as you celebrate this special day.

As is our tradition these past three years in Greenville, we hosted the area’s Latvians to celebrate this 97th birthday. It was a happy evening, in the company of friends who share our language, our history and our love of pīrāgi! Not one, not two, but three different recipes were represented on our holiday table; to be added to the guest list, please leave me a comment! <wink, wink>

I would like to share this video of krusttēvs Māris on RīgaTV 24's broadcast of Pilsētas Pulss (the pulse of the city). Proud of you brālīt

Sveiks svētkos!

(Indriķa Alunāna izdevniecībā iespiests plakāts ar Jura Alunāna dzejoli "Nevis slinkojot un pūstot" (mākslinieks H. Šics, 1873.) source here)


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