Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Gneiss rocks {and the giveaway winner}

A big thank you to everyone who commented and emailed to enter last week’s giveaway to win a banana bird market tote from Inese’s line daba deva! The winner is Kristīna! Congratulations, I hope you get a lot of use out of your new artisan bag! 

Kristīna writes, “man vislabak patīk Pine forest krāsas. Faktiski bieži domāju par Inesi GNP, jo tur ir tik skaistas krāsu kombinācijas. Man ir atsevišķs foto albums tikai ar akmeņiem, ko fotogrāfēju ceļā uz un pie Grinnell Glacier…” (…my favorite is the Pine forest. Actually, I often thought of Inese in Glacier National Park, due to the beautiful color combinations. I have a photo album which consists only of rocks that I photographed on the way to and near Grinnell Glacier...)

With Kristīnas permission I share these rocks with you – who knows, they may turn out to be inspiration for Inese’s next collection!


  1. I dunno, Liene - I might have to stop reading if there are any more posts about rocks. ;-) Some of these are incredibly beautiful, though. Also - is "GNP" Glacier National Park, or something else?

    1. Yes, Glacier National Park in Montana. A place definitely on my travel wish list!

    2. (and if you stop reading you'll never have the chance to enter another one of my giveaways... I just know you'll have better luck one of these days!)


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