Thursday, March 5, 2015

Kids basketball in Greenville

With a season of City of Greenville Parks & Recreation soccer under his belt, Lauris was excited to try out their basketball program. Based in the Park Avenue gym, the kids met weekly for a total of 8 trainings/games.

The program description from the Greenville City website: “This program focuses on instructing 4 and 5 year olds on the fundamentals of basketball. The first four weeks of the program focuses solely on the basic skills, such as passing, dribbling and shooting. During the last four weeks, the participants will play non-competitive games in addition to teaching and practicing basketball fundamentals.”

Lauris acquired terminology and basic skills. The kids learned the concept of defense, practiced passing, got a chance to shoot in a game setting, and actually started playing a little like a team by the end of the season. They used baskets that could be lowered and smaller basketballs so that they could get the satisfaction of seeing their shots go in.

This former high school basketball rock star mvp mom once again had a hard time keeping quiet on the sidelines. I want to find a court and start practicing with the boys for two reasons: 1. I miss basketball and would like to get back on the court and 2. with his height we can totally train Lauris to be a ringer on his team next year…

My favorite aspect of the City of Greenville program was the coaching. Tara and staff were energetic and focused, teaching the kids something while guaranteeing each and every one of them had fun and felt a sense of accomplishment at the end of each session. They remained positive, handled the usual 4/5yo issues that popped up with ease and confidence, and hopefully will return next year. Programs like these owe their success level completely to the coaching staff, and the basketball coaches did a fantastic job getting the kids involved, enthused and playing.

And in the audience was one little brother learning all the moves so that he can show his big brother up in a year or two!


  1. Two things which are really good for kids are participating in sports and also in music... Both are SO good for kids in so many ways.....Sounds Lauris learned alot.... One of my sons played some basketball --but all of them played football... I sat through more games than I can remember.... ha


  2. Excellent. My girls played basketball in elementary school and my grand boys play both football and basketball. Such fun and good discipline for all.

  3. Keeping the fun in and the competitive coaches (and itchy parents) on the sidelines is what sports are for!

    USA has gone too far to the sports (or music) serious competitiveness - 6 am Sunday practices, mandatory summer camp if you want a chance to be on the team at all, zero absence tolerance - all that does is messes with your child's self-confidence and sense of accomplishment...

    MORE PROGRAMS like this one are needed!!!!!

  4. I love basketball so much. And its so shame that England is not basketball country at all, very hard to find kids club near, actually I didn't''t find yet, but also our Lauris would be happy to try out it. He is such a basketball player type. :)


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