Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An independence day celebration

The Latvians of the Upstate (and a few from beyond) gathered to celebrate Latvian Independence Day at our house. Having looked forward to the evening for weeks, it passed much too quickly… We listened to the president of Latvia, Andris Bērziņš’s annual address to Latvians living outside of Latvia and sang the national anthem. Lāču rye bread, Riga sprats, medus kūka, pīrāgi, kliņģeris and a table full of delicious food was accompanied by catching up with one another and meeting the newcomers. The kids found hidden reserves of energy and kept the party going until late, and the parents found it hard to leave as they too were having fun. I’m thankful for everyone making the trip to celebrate with us on a weekday evening, and look forward to our next big event – Jāņi


  1. A huge day for Latvija Liene and in fact all of us! What a beautiful photo especially the berniem....Sveiks, Dzintra

  2. Jauki! Vai pieaugusie bija no darba sodien pieprasijusi brivdienu, lai varetu velu svinet? :)

  3. Hi There, I love reading about other cultures in our country... So glad that there are so many near you --who can get together to celebrate special events... We have the greatest country when it comes to so many people from different countries/cultures who live here and yet can celebrate their past and their heritage. I'm so HAPPY for you --and your friends/family.


  4. Sound really fun! We still miss you guys. I have a postcard sitting by our door that we've been meaning to send you since Halloween. Hopefully, we will remember to send it before we leave!

  5. Aww, such a nice celebrations. Really amazing that you still do it , even if you haven't live in Latvia as residents. You are real Latvia's patriots.


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