Monday, April 7, 2014

Preparing for Easter

Easter season has officially kicked off for us with the annual company Easter celebration. We cut it close but made it just in time to participate in the egg hunt, and soon the boys were just two of over a hundred kids scrambling to pick up a basketful of eggs. We had great weather, played our share of games, ate a lunch of popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs and chips, saw the Easter Bunny & Bibendum, checked out the rides and finished everything off with popsicles and balloon art.

Today friends are coming over to join us in coloring eggs the traditional Latvian way, with onion skins. Here are the links to the posts you need to make your very own Latvian Easter eggs:
Œufs blancs – the onion skin method
Natural Easter eggs – the red cabbage method

And don’t forget to pick up the farmer’s cheese for the Easter paska! (This post also covers many of the traditional Latvian Easter traditions)
Joyeux Pâques! – my grandmother’s paska recipe 

A nice way to remember the Easters we spent in France is by incorporating some of the French traditions into our holiday here in the US.

I have one week to procure pussy willow branches for Palm Sunday; I wrote about this Latvian tradition in my post I forgot, again! about Latvian Palm Sunday, Pūpolu svētdiena.

I wish everyone luck in beginning your Easter preparations! 


  1. Jā, šonedēļ jau Pūpolsvētdiena. Verbū, vērbū, slimība ārā, veselība iekšā - tā mūs bērnībā un vēlāk pēra vecmamma Pūpolsvētdienas rītā.:)
    Puikas izskatās varen priecīgi par pasākumu! Man pašai patī Egg Hunt. Starpcitu, latvijā ienāca tikai pēdējos gados, es pirms tam vispār nezināju, ka Lieldienās var ēst šokolādes olas. :)

    1. Francijā ēda tikai šokolādes zvaniņus... katrai vietai savs!

  2. Mūsmājās pirmais nomodā modināja citus ar pūpolu peŗot un sakot "Apaļš kā pūpols, vesels kā rutks! Kā celies, tā velies!
    Loose translation: On Palm Sunday, the first family member to wake gets to wake the others by "spanking" them with a pussy willow branch, saying "Round as a pussy willow, healthy as a black radish! [although and our LV-EN dictionary translates the phrase 'Sound as a roach'!(???) and the younger kids always LOVED to "wake" their parents and older siblings!


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