Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving up north

Thanksgiving in Chicago was a family affair. We managed to visit with all of our family during our weeklong stay, and even fit in a few excursions: the Latvian school, the Museum of Science and Industry, an exploration of Lincoln Square and a trip to downtown. However, the highlight of the trip wasn’t the Disney exhibit at the museum or the Christkindlmarket, but all of those moments with family – the ones that make me feel that we might as well still be living in France for all those miles between Greenville and Chicago.

There was art at grandmother’s house. I’m a little abashed to admit that half of our Christmas cards were the result of a two-hour session with the artist-in-residence. Lauris shocked me with drawings of stick animals; as far as I know he had only ever drawn squiggles up until now. Mikus got into the block painting, and I got inspiration for a few projects to do at home.

We saw our first snow (possibly our last of the season, as Greenville doesn’t see the stuff too often). The boys ran around trying to catch the flakes on their tongues and mittens, watching from the warmth of the house as it accumulated ¼ inch before fading away overnight.

We watched our first Thanksgiving Day parade. Although it was from the safety of grandmother’s house and not State Street, the level of excitement was elevated; characters such as Madeline, Potato Head, Arthur and Curious George are often mentioned these days.

Roberts arrived just in time for Thanksgiving dinner, a lavish affair complete with grilled turkey, (Southern) sweet potato casserole, focaccia, green beans, cranberry-walnut stuffing, and three different pies to name a few dishes. Very American!

There was more than one night that the boys had to be carried in from the car, as the festivities went so late (or were so exhausting!) that their eyes would close as soon as the streetlights began their light show on the way home. I quickly learned to bring pajamas with, have them “bed-ready” before clicking them in.

Despite the long days, the week passed by entirely too quickly for our liking. We’ve already started our to-do list for the next visit: skolasbērni and Playmobil with tante Z, bathtime with kr. Māris, trains with Andis & Edgars, maybe some baking with Annelī, art time with vecmamma Inga, and storytime with vectētiņš and vecvecmamma! Paldies vecvecmammai par mīļo uzņemšanu, ZIGM par visām skaisti pavadītām stundām rietumpusē un DAE par visu fun!!! Būsim drīz atpakaļ, bet gaidam jūs visus te Greenville ciemos!

* And the icing on the cake was our stop in Ohio in the way home; Lauris and Mikus had plenty of time to catch up with their little cousin A! Thanks Asja & Brandon for your hospitality, we hope to see you in Greenville soon!


  1. It looks like you had such a great Thanksgiving weekend! If you're missing the snow, I might be able to send you some from the Puy de Dome? ;)

  2. The boys look adorable as usual, I love their little hats!


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