Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bonne fête des pères!

Lauris vēlās novēlēt savam tētim, Čikāgas vectētiņam un Kalamazu vecpapam brīnešķīgu tēva dienu! Viņš saka "tē-te."

We will be celebrating all weekend. But there is other business at hand as well.

When our home internet package arrived two days ago, I was elated. We would no longer have to depend on the air card for internet, and seeing as I had run out of gigs four days ago and was currently sans internet, the „Livebox” had arrived with perfect timing. I restrained myself from beginning the installation; I’m sure Lauris would have only helped the effort, not hindered it, right? When Roberts got home we were tempted to skip the whole dinner/put Lauris in bath then to sleep routine, but managed to stick to it and then... it was time! We unpacked the two boxes, four hundred miles (that’s 640 kilometers) of cord, three instruction manuals (in French) and I should have had my first hint that I was not going to be surfing the worldwide web the following day. Actually, the installation went very easily until it came time to plug everything in; turns out instead of a cable/phone jack type outlet, we need a space-age looking T-shaped outlet! Oops. So maybe a few months more until we figure out who has to install these things and how to get them out here. And then, not only will we have dependable internet, we will also have French television and a landline phone!

On a different topic, Lauris has proven himself to be quite the little climber. A few days ago I returned from the kitchen to find he had pushed a chair to the table in order to climb up on the table and get to my chocolate bar. For those interested, it was a dark chocolate bar that I had been looking forward to all day. Little hands and mouth covered, don’t know how much he managed to get in but it was enough for a super-sugar-high and then a super-sugar-crash. More recently we put him in his crib for a nap before the time he wanted to nap, and as I retreated to the kitchen Roberts reported “he’s at the door!” Which meant he had used the footstool of the glider to climb up and out of his crib. Which is at the lowest possible setting. Which is the only means of restraining him we currently have. Correction, had. Well without the benefit of the footstool it isn’t quite as easy, but using one end of the crib he vaults a leg up, pulls the other up, and then slowly starts letting himself down. The one time I witnessed this he stopped when he realized how far off the ground he still was and climbed back in, but it is only a matter of time. <Sigh> Roberts reports they make some sort of net to cover the top of the crib, but I think this will only make him more determined…

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