Saturday, April 2, 2011

The fountains of Clermont-Ferrand

After a few rainy days, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday were finally sunny and warm. Lauris and I resumed out wanderings through the city, pausing at several of the fountains. In Clermont-Ferrand, the fountains are not only in parks and main plazas, but also in tiny little out-of-the-way courtyards and back alleys. One of my favorites is the fountain of Place Delille. This place is a hub of activity during both day and nighttime. During the day parents shuttle their children to and from the nearby Massilion school, the sidewalk cafès are bursting with students and the tram and bus stops deliver newcomers. The global headquarters of Michelin group are but two minutes by foot, and thus one always sees corporate employees one their way to and from work, eating lunch and running errands.  

A second favorite is the Fontaine du Terrail, which I found while geocaching. The cache had gone missing, but the Place du Terrail made the trip worthwhile. A quiet little courtyard in the back streets behind the Cathédrale, I imagine the inhabitants of the upper storey apartments wake in the mornings, throw open their shutters and enjoy their coffee while watching the courtyard come to life. The inscription around the top of the fountain is so worn as not to be legible, but an engraved 1684 gives an idea of the age.

The antiques store on Place du Terrail


  1. Nebūtu slikti dzīvot tādā laukumā kur atrodās Fountaine du Terrail - jauki iedomāties dzert kafiju uz balkona sēdēdama....

    1. mees tiessi tur bijaam, tur bija tas franccu paarsteigums!

  2. Seviški ar cieminiem, taka ar manu masu!


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