Thursday, March 3, 2011

Le petit

For the last few weeks I have seen Lauris take a few steps to get from the coffee table to the sofa, or a chair to the table, but I never quite catch the whole “play”; does he let go before the two steps, or is he letting go only after moving? Do two steps count? Does it count if he wipes out after the two?

Then Sunday evening Roberts thought he caught him in the act, so we set everything up for an instant replay. The chairs were positioned, socks were removed for increased grip, and the video camera was prepared.

First try, imcomplete. Second try, down at the line of scrimmage. On the third try we had success – several identifiable steps, in sequence and without a fall. But wait, there is a challenge, Roberts looks up unsure if the steps occurred after letting go of the chair. The play is reviewed and the ruling on the field stands, two steps!

Our players once again get in position. On the first try, Minka is flagged for interference and sent off to the other room. Who let a cat onto the field of play anyway? On the succeeding try, four steps! The crowd goes wild, but once again there is a review of the play. It seems our star player went down after the four steps. A wipe out en route… is the attempt a success?

We will continue to practice in this household, with and without socks. Once the judges have ruled he's walking, we'll alert the media. And we are the judges.


  1. Jociga cucina! Varens Lauritis!

  2. Such a cute post! Love it!!! Can't wait to meet this little guy. Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend.

  3. Thanks Kim, hopefully we get to meet soon!

    Antra, šo cûcińu dabûjām La Puy en Velay cełojumā no viena kokgriezēja kurš pats bija visu taisijis! Tur bija tik skaistas mantińas, gribēju visas Laurītim vest mājās...

  4. Lienīte - tiešām jocīgi un priecigi sarakstīts...tāda laime saskrēja skatoties kā Laurīts skrien pēc cūciņas!


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